Friday, January 8, 2010


Day 8 and I'm already feeling creatively stuck. I look at others' 365s and they are SO creative. I'm stuck in a rut. Ugh...this is supposed to be stretching me, but how can it, when I can't do anything new and it's only been a week?! Sigh... So, please bear with the boring, repetitive pictures. LOL Maybe it's because our home life is so boring and, therefore, why I never take pictures of it. :) If anyone has any ideas to inspire me, I'd be open to listen and learn.

I can't decide today, so I'm posting a few. I always post one or more pictures here, but try to narrow it down to one favorite for my 365 Flickr group.

Once again today, I used the 35 mm at f2 in the sunroom, which has 3 walls of windows, so it's a great place to shoot. Exposure is really easy to nail!

Tahlia has 9 Webkinz and 4 of them are horses! She had them all lined up. I missed the shot yesterday when the kids had a huge line-up of all their Webkinz.

Then, she loves to read and I LOVE books, so here she is in front of one of our bookcases. (Notice the pretty white lights reflected in the glass- that's from our Christmas tree, which hasn't found its way back into storage yet! ;) Hey, Epiphany was just 2 days ago- I'm not that behind.)

And, finally, two images of the furry variety (in addition to the Webkinz)- Willow and Maggie.


  1. Cute twinner dogs! Take a look around on Flickr and you may find some inspiration on there.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself..These are perfect and the dogs are too cute!!!!

    Flickr is a great place to snoop around for sure!!

  3. Very nice. My tree just came down 2 days ago. It was way overdue. ;o)

  4. Cute!! I'm sure we'll all have repeats sometimes--doesn't make your pictures any less beautifully done!